The Neurometer CPT/C is the premier sensory Nerve Conduction Threshold (sNCT)® device. It is microprocessor controlled and quartz crystal calibrated with multiple modes of operation.  Customized experimental modifications are available to suit specific research needs including features such as doubling the output intensity of the device or software modifications.

Neurometer CPT electrodiagnostic devices perform sensory nerve conduction threshold (sNCT) evaluations by determining current perception threshold (CPT) levels. The devices utilize unique neuroselective electrical stimuli to perform extremely sensitive quantitative assessments of all major subpopulations of sensory nerve fibers at any cutaneous or mucosal test sites. The non-invasive, painless stimulus makes the Current Perception Threshold (CPT) examination an ideal replacement for painful and dangerous procedures hampered by low patient compliance. See the Neurometer CPT comparison with other neurodiagnostic tests. The extreme sensitivity of the CPT evaluation enables quantification of the hyperesthesia (neuritis) that precedes progressive nerve impairment, as well as hypoesthetic conditions (neuropathy).

Newly updated Neuval® CPT Database and Analysis Software, included with each device, performs a multi-dimensional analysis of CPT measures comparing them to established healthy measures and a narrative laboratory report is generated. Hundreds of peer reviewed publications and presentations have established the reliability of the CPT examination which is eligible for third party reimbursement.

The CPT/C is portable, rechargeable-battery powered, and features a Remote Switch Box for direct patient control and a printer for accurate documentation of exams. The Neurometer® CPT/C stimulus is self calibrating, and its patented circuitry maintains the constant current output regardless of normal variations in skin thickness, impedance and temperature. Built-in Compliance Guard™ software monitors the consistency of patient response – further assuring high reproducibility. The Neurometer CPT/C examination is perfect for large scale screening as well as detailed mapping out of nerve impairment – providing significant benefits for you and your patient

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