NervScan NS3000 sensory nerve testing devices perform automated painless, neuroselective sensory nerve conduction threshold (sNCT) evaluations. The NS3000 determines Current Perception Threshold (CPT) levels independently for unmyelinated, small myelinated and large myelinated fibers and can be used to evaluate any cutaneous site. Its built-in automated testing procedures painlessly quantify neuropathies from the hyperesthetic through the hypoesthetic stages of sensory dysfunction. The NS3000 features the standardized, automated, patient directed double-blinded sNCT/CPT methodology that produces objective and highly reliable measures (p<0.006). It also includes the advanced RCPT mode that offers accelerated testing of selected distal sites. Unlike traditional neurodiagnostic procedures, NS3000 evaluations are unaffected by normal variations of skin thickness and temperature or by edema or outside electrical interference. Test measures are quickly and objectively evaluated through computerized comparison to a standardized, clinically established database of healthy parameters established for dozens of body sites. These unique features of the NS3000 and the sNCT/CPT evaluation produce neurodiagnostic tests with greater sensitivity and greater intra-rater and inter-rater reliability than traditional electrodiagnostic tests.

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